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“Depositing the room key into another person is prohibited”. This was an actual English translation of the terms and conditions for a hotel in Japan. In the hospitality industry, accurate and reliable translations may seem expensive but imagine the price you pay for an incorrect translation such as this one.

An airline ticket office in Copenhagen had a sign that read “We take your bags and send them in all directions.”

A simple proficiency test for the examples above would have immediately detected that the linguist was not an adept English speaker. When translating into English, LingPerfect only uses native English speakers to insure accuracy and quality for every project.

Partnering with a translation firm to localize your content is selecting someone who will be an extension of your brand and company. This extension will help grow sales and company recognition. It is imperative to be discerning when deciding whom your multilingual messenger will be and ensure they are specialists in travel and leisure. The LSP (Language Service Provider) should master cultural differences as well as linguistic nuances. These differences can range from specific legal terminology between countries to basic greetings, all of which can have a massive impact in business development if content is not localized appropriately.

Guests and travelers from different countries take into account various considerations when evaluating their satisfaction with a service. Recognizing these considerations gives LSPs essential insight while performing the translations and localizations. For example, Cornell University conducted a study of hotel guest satisfaction among 8 countries, and found that the number one reason for selecting a hotel is convenience/location. The second reason, however, varied greatly among countries. In the US, Canada and other countries, price was the second determining factor in choosing a hotel, however in Italy, it was reputation, whereas in Spain, it was previous hotel experience.

For companies that are looking to expand their markets overseas, partnering with the appropriate LSP with this in-depth knowledge can make all the difference.

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