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ISO-certified translation services for the global automotive industry

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Translation & localization: a central element in the automotive industry success

The automotive sector is one of the most competitive industries in the world.


Its globalized production lines and worldwide market reach make the car companies rely heavily on accurate and on-time translations.  


So much so that you should look for a language partner rather than a translation service provider.

LingPerfect: the authority in automotive translations

Our translators have many years of experience working with car manufacturers and other companies around the world to ensure that automotive translations reflect the tone and terminology used within your industry and within your company, specifically. 


Plus, our ISO-certified quality assurance processes guarantee that your translations will be accurate and compliant with the target-language car industry regulations.

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1000+ Professional translators with industry-specific expertise

Every industry has its own specificities. That's why we always pair you with certified professional translators with domain-related experience.

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ISO 9001:2015 certified quality assurance process

Our rigorous QA processes and KPIs make sure your localized websites are error-free and adhere to your terminology and tone of voice.

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Scalability & boutique approach with dedicated staff

Whatever the size of your project, we always customize the approach to best suit your needs. And you get a dedicated account manager to assist you in every step of the process.

All your automotive industry documents taken care of

We translate & localize any type of document for the car industry

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Automotive translation services in 200+ languages

Wherever your next production line or your new car model is taking you, we’re there to help you speak the language of your audience.

Common languages:


🇪🇸 User manual translation in Spanish


🇫🇷 Production line specifications in French


🇩🇪 User interface localization in German

Other languages:


🇧🇬 Brake system documentation in Bulgarian


🇨🇿 Shop repair manuals in Czech


🌎 explore over 200 other languages we translate

3 easy steps to top-notch automotive translations

We love languages. But we’re aware that for you, translation assignments are always an extra on your already busy to-do list.


So we made it as easy as possible to get a quote and launch your translation assignment:

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1: Upload your documents

Don’t worry about the document format. We’ll take care of any file conversions, if necessary.

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2: Review & approve

Check the terms and the deadlines. Click OK and your translation project is kicked off

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3: Your automotive translation is ready!

Download your translations right from our portal. No more pieces being lost in email back-and-forths.

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Speak to our automotive translation team now

Full-cycle localization for the car manufacturing industry

The evolution in technology has left an indelible mark on the automotive industry. The rise of computerized systems, onboard navigation equipment, and other advancements means that even car manufacturers must rely on localization services that go beyond simple document translations. 


With our cutting-edge localization tools and a team of native linguists, we can support you with any type of software or web localization project you require.

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What makes up a good automotive translation?

An ideal automotive translation contains several elements:


• The tone used throughout the document reflects the audience it was written for


• Spelling and grammar are accurate, professional, and consistent


• The automotive translation is responsive to the needs of your target audience


• It includes specific automotive terminology that will be understood by people in various regions or for certain automotive products


In automotive translations, it is also essential to consider the different audiences you are writing for. We will work with you to ensure your automotive translation caters to and speaks directly to the audience for which the document is intended (i.e., dealerships or end consumers).