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Legal translations: understanding law systems, not words

Every translator must know how to convey the meaning from one language to another. But a legal translation goes much further. Instead of words, you must know how to transfer the meaning into a concept that is legally valid in another country.


But the issue is: legal systems across the globe do not match.


At LingPerfect, we understand the intricacies behind local legislation because we work only with vetted linguists who specialize in legal translations.


And with our ISO-certified quality assurance processes, we handle all your legal translation needs with accuracy, expertise, and confidentiality in any language you require.

15 years of translation excellence in the law industry

Precision in legal documents is crucial. A word or phrase that is not properly translated or misplaced punctuation can alter the legal meaning of a document’s text. These potential misinterpretations can result in ambiguity and conflict, costing your clients time, money, and aggravation.


Comprehensive knowledge of the applicable law and language, including the local nuances of both, are essential in legal translation services. At LingPerfect, we engage local linguists that are not simply translators– they are also legal experts with knowledge of the specific subject matter in their respective jurisdictions.


This critical combination of linguistic expertise and legal acumen ensures that you are working with professionals that understand the context and terminology needed for your specific project.

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470+ Professional legal translators with industry-specific expertise

Every industry has its own specificities. That's why we always pair you with expert legal translators with domain-related experience.

Advanced technology for faster turnaround times

We employ the most advanced translation technology tools that help with time-sensitive translation tasks–without cutting corners on quality & accuracy.

On-demand document certification

The certification & legalization processes differ from one country to another. We know the nuts and bolts in each and can provide the right type of translation certification when you need them.

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Scalability & boutique approach with dedicated staff

Whatever the size of your project, we always customize the approach to best suit your needs. And you get a dedicated account manager to assist you in every step of the process.

Specialized translations for any type of legal document


Correspondence • Depositions • Pleadings and affidavits • Settlement agreements • Discovery documents

Corporate documents

Entity formation & management • Business contracts • Ownership documents • Regulatory Compliance • Transfer rules

Intellectual property

Patent filings • Copyright Registrations • Trademark or Service Mark Registrations • International Patent Law

Financial records

Annual Reports • Articles of Incorporation • Prospectuses • Tax forms

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Legal translation services in any language

Our talented team of linguists are native speakers and provide legal translations in 200+ languages.

Common languages:


🇪🇸 Affidavit translation in Spanish


🇫🇷 IP law translations in French


🇩🇪 Articles of incorporation translation in German

Other languages:


🇵🇱 Trademark registration documents in Polish


🇳🇴 Tax forms translation in Norwegian


🌎 explore over 200 other languages we translate

You can now order your legal translations online

We love languages. But we’re aware that for you, translation assignments are always an extra on the to-do list.

So we made it as easy as possible to get a quote for your translation and get it kick-started:

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Don’t worry about the document format. We’ll take care of any file conversions, if necessary.

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On-demand certified translations

The certification process varies from country to country.


For instance, in the US, a translation is certified by a translator’s affidavit, stating that: 


  1. 1. the translator is competent to translate in the required language combination 
  2. 2. the translation was done to the best of the translator’s knowledge, ability, and belief. 


In other countries, like many EU member states, only sworn translators can certify the translation. 


In addition, certifying your legal documents does not mean your translations have legal value. You might require an apostille or a notarization, depending on the country.


We understand the certification and legalization system in all the countries and can provide the appropriate type of service whenever you need it.

Can legal translation services be fast and accurate?

A LingPerfect case study

On a Friday evening, a leading international legal firm urgently needed over 60,000 words of a Russian arbitrage court ruling translated into English for a proceeding on Monday. A complex, high-volume project that needed to be completed in less than 48 hours.


We immediately assembled teams of highly specialized legal translators ensuring that the translation was fully edited and proofread by a second team of linguists. We employed glossary technology and translation memory throughout the process, ensuring consistent terminology was used by the entire team.

Prior to delivery, our internal proofreading team, supervised by a Senior Legal Translations project manager, analyzed the final translation and verified the accuracy and quality of the translations.


Our client received the timely delivery by 7 am on Monday morning. They expressed great satisfaction with the speed, quality, and competitive pricing offered despite the rushed timeline.


This case study is just one of many examples showing that professionalism, cost-effectiveness, and accuracy are the main reasons clients choose to work with LingPerfect.