Poland Translation Services


Poland: key facts

Poland is a country located in Central Europe. It has borders with six countries. Poland covers an area of 312,679 km2, making it the 6th largest country in Europe after Ukraine, Russia, France, Spain, and Italy.

Poland’s capital and largest city is Warsaw. Other major cities include Kraków, Łódź, Wrocław and Poznań.

Poland has been a member of the European Union since 1 May 2004 and part of NATO since March 1999. The country is also a member of the Schengen Agreement. In addition, Poland is classified as a high-income economy by World Bank and high-income in the region by The Economist Intelligence Unit. It also ranks as one of the safest countries in Europe to live in. Its main economic activities include agriculture, chemical industry, coal mining, and computer sciences.

Poland today remains an emerging market with real growth potential and untapped resources. The Polish business climate has been steadily evolving in recent years, driven by broad economic reforms aimed at restructuring institutions and creating competitive markets throughout society, especially within infrastructure sectors such as energy, communications, and transportation. Investors see Poland as an attractive location characterized by relatively low labor costs – less than half of their levels in German or Scandinavian economies – with low taxes on production equipment investment income, flat personal income tax rates on residents, and a skilled labor force.


Poland economy

Ever since joining the European Union, Poland has seen its economy grow. The country has been one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe, with its GDP increasing by more than one quarter since 2007. The country is also expected to see significant economic growth further into 2022. The Polish government has passed several laws to open up the economy to attract foreign investments.

The Polish economy is dominated by services, which account for 65 percent of its GDP. Industry and construction make up 30 percent of the country’s GDP, while agriculture contributes less than 3 percent.


Looking for a reliable translation agency in Poland?

At LingPerfect, we go the extra mile for our business translation clients because we value long-term partnerships. In addition, we are committed to understanding your needs and complying with your quality standards through ISO-certified processes.

Our translation services in Poland include:

  • – Certified translations of documents such as business & marketing materials, legal contracts, medical reports, diplomas & transcripts, website content, etc.
  • – Multilingual voiceovers for multimedia projects such as video and audio recordings.
  • – General localization of software applications, including website translation from English to Polish.
  • – Our Polish localization agency delivers high-quality language services focusing on accuracy and attention to detail. In addition, we adopt stringent standards throughout our business processes to ensure compliance with the ISO 17100:2015 Standard for Translation Services. Please fill in our quote form for more information about our Polish services or contact us directly.
  • – Our translation services are tailored to fit your individual needs for accuracy and deadlines.
  • – As a specialized translation agency, we have developed unique software to support human translators in their daily tasks to boost their productivity and enhance the quality of service.
  • – We handle all types of texts for our business clients, such as marketing, legal, technical, website content, etc.
  • – Our Polish localization agency delivers certified translations compliant with ISO 17100:2015 requirements.
  • – LingPerfect is a leading translation agency in Poland, providing professional translation services since 2006.

We offer:

  • – Polish translation, localization & interpreter services at competitive rates
  • – A partnership approach to doing business
  • – ISO-certified quality assurance processes which guarantee accuracy and reliability
  • – Personalized professional service and support
  • – Fast turnaround times that meet your needs, often in as little as 24 hours!

Certified business translation services for Poland

We offer the most reliable Polish translation & localization services in the industry with fast turnaround times, no hidden costs, and professional staff. Our certified business translation services are compliant with ISO 17100:2015 standards for quality assurance in the language sector. We also provide a sample of our work when you request your free quote.

  • – Certified translations that are compliant with ISO 17100:2015
  • – 24/7 online ordering process
  • – One of the fastest translation services in Poland
  • – We deliver fast turnaround times for all projects, often within just 24 hours


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Polish industries we translate & localize for

Subject-matter expertise is paramount for accurate translations because industry-specific terminology can vary widely from one industry to the next. That’s why we’ve built up a vast network of subject-matter experts who know their fields inside and out. So your business or organization can benefit from our Polish translation & localization expertise in:


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Interpreter services in Poland

As well as being one of the most prominent translation agencies in Poland, LingPerfect is also a full-service language services provider offering professional Polish interpreter services. We have an extensive network of interpreters who are experts in their fields and conduct business throughout Poland daily. This means you’ll benefit from industry experience, localization expertise, and the most competitive pricing in the Polish interpreting industry.

  • – Simultaneous and Consecutive Polish interpreter services
  • – Over 20 languages available for interpretation
  • – Interpretation in any field: Legal & Law Enforcement, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Business & Finance, Technical & Engineering, and Social Sciences