Professional Translation Services

Get your documents translated in over 200 languages by professional translators with industry-specific knowledge.

Why do you need professional translation services made by human translators?

Fact 1:

Humans understand humans

Language is not a word-for-word transaction. The true meaning is conveyed by how these words work in a broader context.


This involves understanding the intention, the tone of voice, and the cultural appropriateness – something that only professional trained translators can do.

Fact 2:

Professional translations are a result of a process

To err is human, to edit is divine. Even the best translators can oversee a glitch in a 5,000-word translation. 


For 100% accuracy and consistency, you need more than just top-notch translators:

Proofreading cycles, final revisions, and terminology back-checks are just a few of the steps that only a professional translation company can offer.


Why LingPerfect?

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13K+ Professional translators with industry-specific expertise

Every industry has its own specificities. That's why we always pair you with certified professional translators with domain-related experience.

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ISO 9001:2015 & 17100:2015 certified quality assurance process

Our rigorous QA processes and KPIs make sure your translated documents are error-free and adhere to your terminology and tone of voice.

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Scalability & boutique approach with dedicated staff

Whatever the size of your project, we always customize the approach to best suit your needs. And you get a dedicated account manager to assist you in every step of the process.

Fast & reliable translations of any document type

No more looking for contract translators, marketing linguists, or technical translators. At LingPerfect, we provide you with the right profile for any written translation you require:

We can process and convert your professional translations into any format:

Professional translations for every industry

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3 easy steps to get your documents translated professionally

We love languages. But we’re aware that for you, translation assignments are always an extra on the to-do list.

So we made it as easy as possible to get a quote for your translation and get it kick-started:

Step 1:

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Upload your documents

Don’t worry about the document format. We’ll take care of any file conversions, if necessary.

Step 2:

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Review & approve

Check the terms and the deadlines. Click OK and your translation project is kicked off

Step 3:

Your translation is ready!

Download your translations right from our portal. No pieces being lost in email back-and-forths.

Professional translation services FAQ

There is no one-size-fits-all cost because every translation assignment is different. The factors that influence the final cost of the translation are:

–  The language combination (more common combinations cost less while more “exotic” languages will tend to cost more)

–  Your industry

–  The turnaround time requested


To get the best cost estimate, click on the “free quote” button and get in touch with one of our language experts!

A professional translation service delivers accurate, on-time, and on-brand translations for any industry and any document type needed. This is achieved by setting up a rigorous quality assessment process that involves translating, proofreading, and terminology & translation memory management.

Definitely not. Professional translations involve setting up the right process to deliver accurate, error-free, and on-brand translations.  They can be applied to any industry and any document type.


A certified translation service refers to a notarized, apostilled or sworn translation of documents. It is accompanied by a certification (usually a statement of truth) that attests to the accuracy of the translated documents. Certified translations are normally used when dealing with legal, public sector or state and federal government organizations. More information on certified translation services here>>>.