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eCommerce translation overview

eCommerce is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, but it’s also a very diverse industry.


To succeed in this competitive landscape, your eCommerce website needs to communicate with your potential customers in a clear and culturally appropriate way. Most importantly, your content must be translated in a way that converts visitors into customers.


We are the global leader in multilingual eCommerce translation services for any business looking to grow their sales, whether through increased conversion or SEO ranking. Our high-quality translation solutions help companies capture international traffic and succeed in global markets.


​​We offer a full suite of translations and localization services explicitly designed for your eCommerce website, including product descriptions, customer reviews, FAQs, copywriting – and even multilingual SEO.

All your eCommerce content taken care of

From product descriptions to compelling FAQ translations–we’ve got you covered

We offer professional translation services from industry experts who understand the nuances of eCommerce and localizing an online store.


As our client, you can enjoy a full suite of eCommerce services, including:

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The best eCommerce translation experts at your service

At LingPerfect, we have a team of professional eCommerce translators and web content managers specializing in these projects.


From small catalogs to large eCommerce websites – we will make sure that all your content is translated to the highest quality level and fit within the character limits of your target languages.


Our project managers will work with you from start to finish, from understanding your needs to interpreting the finer points of the eCommerce industry, helping you come up with a solution that’s unique for you.


And most importantly, our eCommerce translation services are scalable; we believe that every company should be able to harness the power or a well-localized website, regardless of brand size or budget restrictions.

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370+ Professional eCommerce translators with industry-specific expertise

Every sector has its own particularities. That's why we always pair you with professional eCommerce linguists who have domain-specific expertise.

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Native SEO experts, marketers copywriters & transcreators

You get access to experts with exquisite penmanship and a passion to see your content rank on top positions in search engines.

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Scalability & boutique approach with dedicated staff

Whatever the size of your project, we always customize the approach to best suit your needs. And you get a dedicated account manager to assist you in every step of the process.

eCommerce translation services in 200+ languages

Localizing your Shopify store for the LatAm market?  

Got many customer reviews and want to translate them into Arabic? 

Common languages:


🇪🇸 Product localization in Spanish


🇫🇷 Customer review translation into French


🇩🇪 SEO optimization in German

Other languages:


🇨🇳 Content localization in Mandarin Chinese


🇫🇷 Copywriting services in Arabic


🌎 explore over 200 other languages we translate

We made translating your eCommerce website easy for you

We adore languages. But we’re aware that adding an eCommerce translation project to your schedule is, well, demanding.


So, to make it as simple as possible for you to get a quote for your translation and get it started:

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1: Upload your documents

Don’t worry about the document format. We’ll take care of any file conversions, if necessary.

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2: Review & approve

Check the terms and the deadlines. Click OK and your translation project is kicked off

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3: Your eCommerce translation is ready!

Download your translations right from our portal. No more pieces being lost in email back-and-forths.

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eCommerce translation services for product pages

Products are the most important part of your online store. They are what distinguish you from other retailers, and they are what bring traffic through your virtual door. You want your products represented accurately so that people know exactly what they’re getting.


The translation will vary depending on what you are selling. Food and household items generally have very straightforward descriptions. Clothing, on the other hand, is more subjective as there are cultural differences that come into play when describing clothing styles and fabrics.


We also do copywriting for product descriptions, so if you aren’t a writer by trade or don’t have time to write all of your product descriptions yourself, we can help.

Why should you translate customer reviews on your eCommerce website, too?

Customer reviews are an important part of eCommerce, both for sales conversions and search engine ranking.


Your users want to be able to find reviews for items before they purchase them. When you have user reviews in the language of your target audience, they are more likely to click through and make a purchase.


In addition, reviews written in the language you are targeting will help your SEO because they contain many keywords that you want to rank for.


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Having doubts about the importance of having your eCommerce website translated?

Consider this:

  • – Different languages have different formatting and character limits. This makes it important to ensure that your content is formatted correctly for each language you’re translating into.
  • – Google urges companies to make their websites multilingual to serve global customers better. With a fully-localized eCommerce site, you’re much more likely to rank better in the local version of Google’s search engine.
  • – English seems to have become a universal language thanks to the Internet. But in reality, all studies show that people still prefer to purchase from a website written in their native language 
  • – More and more people are shopping online, and foreign purchases now make up as much as 8% of total US retail sales. 

This shows that the Internet is an integral part of modern retail, and having a website in multiple languages can have significant benefits for your business.