Vendor Payment Guidelines

1. Where should I submit my invoice?

All invoices should be submitted to

2. What are the rules for submitting invoices?

We do not accept individual invoices for individual projects. On the first day of each month, submit one invoice that covers all of the projects which you completed the previous month.
Invoices submitted after 60 days of completion of the assignment are subject to a 50% reduction for administrative fees. Invoices submitted after 120 days upon completion of the assignment will not be paid. To maintain our compliance with IRS regulations we will need a revised W-9 (or W-8) form to be submitted to us before we can make any changes to your account such as address change, name, and tax identification. W-9/W-8 forms submitted late are subject to administrative fees.

3. What are the payment terms for submitted invoices?

Standard payment terms are net 45 days from the date of receipt of the submitted invoice for those who use PayPal and Net 60 days for those who choose wire transfer. 

4. What is the correct LingPerfect billing address?

LingPerfect Translations, Inc.

1110 Brickell Ave. Suite 430-K25

Miami, FL. 33131

5. Which forms of payment does LingPerfect accommodate?

PayPal (recommended)
This is the standard form of payment and there is no fee incurred utilizing this method.
Please note: LingPerfect does not cover any recipient fees.

Wire Transfer
For those translators who do not use PayPal LingPerfect also accommodates wire transfers. The fee for each international wire transfer is $40 and for domestic (US) is $30 per transfer.

6. What information should be included on the invoice?

Please include as much information as possible about your project(s):

  • Date of the purchase order
  • Order number
  • Total weighted word count
  • Rate per word


LingPerfect has the right to review all translators’ work to determine whether the quality is acceptable. If it is determined that the error ratio is not acceptable the translator could incur a fee for editing and potential other expenses. Furthermore, the use of machine translations is strictly prohibited. If it is determined that machine translation (for example, Google Translate, but not including machine-aided translation, such as Trados) has been used to create the translation the translator could incur a fee for editing and other potential expenses. Please return the translated document in the file format of the original document (pdf files should be returned in MS Word), mirroring the source document as much as possible, including all figures, graphs, footers, headers, page numbers etc. Please note that all projects with LingPerfect are confidential in nature and are to be treated as such. As a professional translator, it is essential that the translated document portrays the source document 100%. Please note that upon receiving a new project from LingPerfect, if you determine after thorough review that the source document is poorly written (contains grammatical/punctuation issues) you must contact the project manager immediately, and let them know at the beginning of the project in order for our team to notify the client in advance. The reason behind doing this is so that any negative feedback from a client in relation to translations done by the LingPerfect team can be countered, with the fact that the source document was incorrect to begin with and the translation simply mirrors the source. All projects have a strict due date and must be completed accurately and on time. All projects that are not completed on time or considered “unsatisfactory” are considered incomplete and you may be subject to non-payment. If you cannot complete the project on time and provide us with adequate notification, we may be able to utilize what you have completed and pay you that portion less any extra costs incurred by LingPerfect.