Cantonese Translator

Cantonese is one of the five major Chinese languages and is spoken by about 100 million people. Some consider these five languages as ‘dialects,’ but linguists often classify them as dialect groups in and of themselves. Cantonese is spoken in the southern provinces of Guangdong and Guangxi, with some overflow into Hong Kong.

Cantonese speakers are the most common Chinese migrants to be found in most countries and for this reason Cantonese remains the predominant form of Chinese spoken in the United States, Canada, Australia and countless individual Chinatowns in the cities of North America.

Cantonese is mainly an oral language, as Standard “Mandarin” Chinese diverges significantly from Cantonese in terms of pronunciation, vocabulary and to a lesser degree, grammar, despite the fact that both are written with the same writing system. While dwarfed by Standard “Mandarin” Chinese in terms of number of speakers, Cantonese has become popular within Chinese media and pop culture, incorporating a significant body of new terminology and slang not found in the other dialect branches.

It is commonly known in China as ‘the language of the youth,’ as more and more of the younger generation are turning to Cantonese due to its trendy associations as opposed to Standard Chinese. Today Cantonese is most often used in day-to-day interactions and especially at home.

Because of the considerable influence of Cantonese not only in China but also abroad, it is an incredibly important asset to have in your language arsenal. With such an extensive population of speakers and China’s booming popularity in the economic and technological worlds, almost anyone can stand to benefit from knowing more about the Cantonese language.

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