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Armenian Language Translators

Armenian is an Indo-European language spoken predominantly by Armenians, having about six million native speakers. Although it is the official language of Armenia, it is also widely spoken in the Armenian diaspora. Armenian has been strongly influenced by Western Iranian languages as well as Greek. Some have proposed classifying Armenian in the same category as several other languages such as Greek, Albanian and Phrygian since so much of their vocabularies are similar.

Armenian in its modern form is broken up into two dialects; Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian, though both dialects can typically be understood by speakers of the other dialect.

There are over five million Armenians living outside of Armenia itself who have carried their language with them abroad, starting in the early 1900s when many Armenians fled the Ottoman Empire in search of a more peaceful home. Because of this, Armenian speakers can be found all around the world, making it a potentially useful language regardless of where you live. Armenian newspapers are even printed in the United States in large cities like Boston and New York.

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